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TOPICS: Who are we? ( Bhuwan’s The Himalayan Times article)

July 26, 2014

Who are we?
-Bhuwan Thapaliya

Someone once asked me, “What is the greatest joy of life?” I smiled and answered that the greatest joy of life is hard to enumerate. But deep down inside, I murmured to myself that the greatest joy of life is also about redefining the idea of life. But how many people are redefining the idea of life today? Most people nowadays have made life a cliché. They preach that life is beautiful but deep down inside they don’t really mean it. Most of them think that they are a mere straw thrown upon the river of time to mark the velocity of the current.

I was no exception and I used to question myself, “Life, of what use it is for a lad as me?” How foolish I was then, but fortunately now I have changed my way of living. I got rid of the glumness through some self realization and the last funeral I’d been to was the funeral of my own pessimism. These days I always look at the good side of everything and I feel everything is coming together in my life. As a result, I am beginning to enjoy life more and more. Yes, the more positive you become, the more you realize the importance of life.

One question we all should be asking us daily is, “Who are we? Are we really a human being or is it just the delusion that we are living through?” And this may motivate you to give back something to life, my friend. Remember what we have is less important than what we owe to each other. So start living generously. You don’t have to be rich to practice generosity; it’s the act of giving something back to the community that matters most. Often generosity could be the key to unlock the door of eternal happiness. Have you seen the sky running after the clouds? Have you seen the flowers running after their fragrances?

Mr. Fate once asked me, “Who is stronger than me?” “Hope, for it carries the burden of our heart,” was my reply. Yes, there is hope in this world and this world isn’t hopeless at all. There is no irreducible conflict here, and whenever I see young children I smile because the flower in their eyes reminds me again and again of the Garden of Eden – the garden from which all began. Living with hope and positive thoughts will make your life more meaningful as it has an enormous impact in the way you feel, your attitude, and your happiness. No matter how hard the beginning pulls, ultimately the end wins. But real men are those, who works for the humanity and prolong the gap between the beginning and the end. Hence, don’t live for yourself only in your narrow world. Go far away from yourself at times, hang around with people who are doing something for the humanity, be humble, be grateful and do something to make others smile.


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