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Haiku of the Present [Paperback]: Bhuwan’s haiku featured in this wonderful anthology

July 28, 2014

Haiku of the Present [Paperback]
Author : Santosh Kumar
Publisher : Rochak Publishing
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Book Description

The haiku included in Haiku of the Present are influenced by Zen meditation. The Japanese word zen is derived from the Chinese word Chán, taken from the Sanskrit word dhyana (meditation). The main emphasis of zen is on the direct experience of our original or Buddha nature. The scriptures and abstract theories of religion are of no help in self-realization. Zen was founded by Bodhidharma . The main characteristics of zen are: zazen (sitting meditation), walking meditation, understanding paradoxical koans (story or dialogue). “The infinite is in the finite of every instant” (zen proverb). Nobel Laureate Samuel Beckett’s remark-“Nothing is more real than nothing” gives us the clue to know the essence of zen. The Zen followers say: “Just be stll and know.” This will increase awareness of the present moment. This reduces stress and tension. Zen leads to eternal life. Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen in China in the vth century, taught the practice of “wall-gazing.” A Zen monk remarks: “I do nothing. I just sit empty and that’s all I do.” The practice of zazen or seated meditation is indispensable for attaining salvation. Bodhidharma did zazen in cave for nine years. “For thirty years I did zazen continuously except for two meal periods. Ryokan aptly says: I don’t know others Others don’t know me By not knowing we follow nature’s course. It is my great pleasure to acknowledge my gratitude to Katya Ganeshi who kindly allowed me to use her magnificent photo for the cover. I’m deply thankful to Karunesh Kumar Agrawal for kind cooperation in bringing out this book. I am greatly obliged to Adam Donaldson Powell, Albert Russo, Azsacra Zarathustra, Bhuwan Thapaliya, Ban’ya Natsuishi, Dennis E. Newell, Eric Tessier, Floriana Hall, Frieda Groffy, Gary Alexander Azerier , James Skinner, Jim Kacian, Joseph Aprile, Joseph Spence, Sr., Louie Levy, María Cristina Azcona, Mario Susko, Moshé Liba, R. Leland Waldrip, Roger W. Harrington, Rosa Maria DelVecchio, Sal Amico M. Buttaci, Sayumi Kamakura, Shirley Bolstok, Steve Mogg, Steve Morris, Yvonne Sparkes, Wojciech Plocharski. It is a pleasure to acknowledge, with a very deep sense of gratitude, the help, cooperation, generous support and kindness of these creative authors and artists.


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